Foreign Exchange

Rates of notice of change of retail for Buy and Selloperations, current at 7:20 pm (GIB), Tuesday ...

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Home Loans

Home Loan Interest rates above are allocated for new home loans with minimum net assets of 20% or warehousing and existing ...

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Credit Cards

You're not repay the balance of the credit card off in full each month volume When you want to consolidate your credit card in order to ...

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Personal Loans

Decreased interest for credit cards could help you save on the amount of interest you pay for your purchases each month ...

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Multi currency banking
Accounts and services for your day-to-day banking needs international.
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Premier banking
Get a dedicated Relationship Manager and additional services when you have $ 20,000 with us.
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Private banking
The wealth management solutions to international clients with $ 100,000 or more to invest
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Advanced Solutions for Offshore Banking
Dear current and future customers of our Offshore Bank of the Comoros Islands!
In recent years, opening an offshore bank account attracts too much attention from reputable institutions of developed countries. Reason to have a dislike for offshore bank is simple: because the Open offshore bank account in foreign bank it means to give protection to their capital and a guaranteed future for your heirs.
Account in the Overseas Bank is that the businessmen and merchants from all over the world are looking for. To open a personal or corporate account in the Foreign Bank and receive an anonymous credit card - this is all that is needed to man and his family (in other words private wealth management in the tax haven or as they say in Italy, "Paradisi fiscali").
Unfortunately at the present time not all offshore banks offer safe opening of offshore bank account and guarantee privacy and Bank secrecy. This is due to pressure from the "honest government structures" and the signing of agreements on the disclosure of customer information in Caribbean Bank, Swiss Bank or any other Foreign Bank.
For example Swiss Bank can no longer boast of iron bank secrecy; it is no longer a tax Haven and offshore area with Wealth Management and assets protection.. Assets protection in Comoros Islands is a very important aspect and this jurisdiction still offers to open an offshore account in the Overseas Bank and the ability for customers to receive the Loans Back to Back.
Loans Back the Back is used for protection of the capital, this scheme is well known in Tax Haven (as our Italian customers say "Paradisi Fiscali").
Our bank offers a wide range of offshore anonymous cards.
We are also considered the Best Offshore Bank for Fixed Deposit with high annual interest.
Recently, we also offer opening of offshore bank account online (at a distance, without having to visit the bank). We are also Comoros Islands offshore bank that offers Loans Back to Back.
We look forward to your questions via email or over the phone.
- Mr. Geoff Bascand
Term Deposit
Term deposits combine competitive returns ensure stability; you will get profit from the certainty of knowing what ...

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Deposit Account
Rates are changing patterns. Please contact us by phone or mail, or visit this website recommending alerts for more information on our rates ...
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Bank Secrecy
Brazilian farmers are struggling against ravenous caterpillars which probably arrived from Asia, defying the agricultural superpower ...
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David Ferrer and Andy Murray, the first two prominent players in the Mexican open-stream in the second round ...

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Recent news on malware causing concern?

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Gold and Silver Account
Gold and silver have always been great ways to preserve the strength of the purchase of someone for a long period. However, in ...

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Physical Precious Metals
Bar 1g / 10g are made with built absolute preformed breaking points, and then ...

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Their triumph prize, white label commerce and precise focusing on secrecy investor made them a premier ...

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Anonymous Credit Cards
Targets markets with the new generation phones supplied Associated Press Android phone manufacturers are looking for growth in emerging markets to increase ...
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